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European Commission Projects

Showing the path to Intelligent Roads GIROADS Kicks Off
An unprecedented partnership of 31 organisations spanning geographic regions and areas of interest will work together to achieve a shared understanding of the relevance of Galileo, Europe's space satellite programme, to the road transport sector - GIROADS is born.

In a matter of years, Galileo will become a practical reality for the vast majority of Europe's hundreds of millions of motoring citizens and offer road authorities new answers to the challenges raised by increased passenger and freight mobility.

GIROADS, a 24-month project commissioned by the Galileo Joint Undertaking with funds from the Galileo 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development, will aggregate the road community's proposals to facilitate the technical and commercial introduction of Europe's space satellite programme to the road transport sector. A partnership of 31 organisations spanning geographic regions and areas of interest, GIROADS seeks to establish itself as a platform of reference for all stakeholders which can assist European policy-makers in structural choices.

Pagnanelli Risk Solutions Ltd is very pleased to be one of the organisations that have been invited to participate in this project.

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