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Consultancy and Intermediation Services

Aerospace Operators’ risks and liabilities (including UAVs/drones)
What are the main Aviation activities where we can better commit ourselves? Our expertise and experience would certainly easily cover all Aviation activities, but in particular: airports, airlines, general aviation (see Main risks classification), aviation product for manufacturers (see Manufacturers Product Liability) (including suppliers, sub-contractors, and service providers), helicopter operations, maintenance and repair operations, etc...

Main features of the domestic and international insurance practices to cover aviation risks can be summarised as follows:

Aircraft Hull Insurance: Physical damage insurance provided to cover loss or damage to the insured’s aircraft, while it is in motion, not in motion or for both. This type of cover will typically pay for repairs and reinstatement of the aircraft to the condition that it was in before the incident, subject to certain exclusions and policy conditions which may apply. If the aircraft is not repairable, an agreed amount may be paid, known as the agreed value, which is usually agreed with the insured at inception and is noted in the policy.
Hull Deductible Insurance: Most hull policies are subject to a “deductible”, being an uninsured amount for which the insured party is responsible in the case of repairable damage to its aircraft. Hull deductible insurance is a type of cover which protects the insured’s exposure and thereby reduces the amount of the uninsured exposure.
Hull Total Loss Insurance: Provides cover in the case of a total loss of the insured’s aircraft when it is damaged to such an extent that it is beyond economic repair or has been totally destroyed. This cover is paid in full and provides indemnity for the additional expenses that are typically incurred by operators in replacing a lost aircraft.
Loss of Use Insurance: When an aircraft is damaged as a result of an incident which is covered under hull insurance the repairs may take some time to complete. Loss of use insurance usually offers a daily rate of indemnity over a defined period which is typically excess of a few days and with a maximum period of time and policy limit.
Spares Insurance: Provides cover for aircraft parts when detached from any aircraft. Certain parts may be detached for storage, overhaul or transport but still remain the property of the insured. There may also be cover provided for the “flying spares kit” as carried on most aircraft.
Aircraft Liability Insurance: Coverage written to protect and indemnify the insured for potential exposure to passenger, cargo or baggage claims and to third party liability claims including property damage, bodily injury or death caused by, or arising from the insured’s operations.
Airport Liability Insurance: Coverage that provides protection to airports for bodily injury and property damage liability and may also include protection for premises liability risks.
Hangar-keepers Liability: A form insurance that covers the insured’s liability for damage to aircraft or spares stored for safekeeping (but not owned by the insured). This cover will be relevant in any situation where a party has accepted responsibility for the safekeeping of an aircraft, including “in flight hangar-keepers” when an aircraft is being flight-tested.
Aviation Products Liability: A form of insurance which typically provides cover to manufacturers, suppliers, sub-contractors, or maintenance organisations against liability arising out of products sold, serviced or supplied. The type of product which may be covered also includes software and training programs. Cover is normally extended to reimburse all sums for which the insured shall become legally liable to pay to Third Parties following a grounding due to a mandatory order by a civil Airworthiness Authority. Following a specific request, an extension can be made to cover the expenses incurred by the insured for the recall of Aviation Product, always under a mandatory order by a Civil Airworthiness Authority.
Aviation Hull War & Allied Perils: Coverage written to explicitly cover physical risks of loss or damage to aircraft arising from war, hi-jacking, confiscation, any malicious act, and other similar causes. It is usual that this type of cover is excluded from the main hull coverage and has to be obtained separately.
Liability War & Allied Perils Coverage: The war and allied perils coverage in respect of liability is achieved through a write-back endorsement to the Aviation Liability coverage (AVN52).

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» Consultancy And Intermediation Services

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