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PRS for Space 16th International Conference on Space Activities Development (Risk Management & Insurance Aspects)
6th - 8th April 2011, Rome..

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The 16th Space Insurance Conference is over.

The event has been a great success as confirmed by talks, a great number of e-mails received and press comments.

Sincere thanks are due from the organisers to the growing number of sponsors, supporters, speakers and also to the attendees, including those who were impeded to be present by immense natural disasters and insurrections or war-like events.
A few examples of e-mails we already received:
My sincere appreciation to you for the organisation of the Conference. Everything was well organised and went extremely well. It was a pleasure to have helped on the finance and insurance panels”.
Bruno Bajard (Marsh) 
Many thanks for organising such a great occasion”.
Martin Benatar (Benatar and Co.)
I think that we have benefitted from a very professional set of presenters. I like the venue”.
Nick Hughes (Barlow Lyde & Gilbert)
Thank you for offering to participate. I think this was a very good Conference with a lot of valuable discussions”.
Pascal Lecointe (Hiscox)

Thanks very much for arranging last week’s grand Conference”.
Wang Qiong (CGWI)
I was very pleased to be able to attend and join a discussion panel. I thought this Conference was very successful and have heard and passed on many positive remarks. I know a great deal of work was put in by your team and I think the results were excellent”.
Tim Wright (Global Aerospace)
It has been a pleasure and an honour! I feel very privileged to have been invited to contribute to this conference!”
Walter Stahel (The Geneva Association)

Thank you again for another splendid Conference.  We sincerely appreciated the opportunity to present our views during the Launchers & Spacecraft Manufacturing Evolution panel and the 4th Insurance session.  The conference, as always, was very informative and provided a great opportunity to interact with the insurance community. Looking forward to the next conference in 2013”.
Phil Slack (ILS)

A great success. Much to learn”.
Pierre-Alain Schieb (OECD)
Thank you very much for the opportunity again this year to be a part of this world-class event”.
Peter Nesgos (Milbank)

Again: Thanks to you all!
by PRS Ltd

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PRS for Space
PRS for Space
PRS for Space

16th International Conference on Space Activities Development (Risk Management & Insurance Aspects)

6th - 8th April 2011, Rome

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17th Intenational Space Conference - Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome, 8, 9, 10 May 2013
“The Impact of Space Weather and Space Exploitation on Modern Society: Hazards’ Forecasting, Prevention, Mitigation and Insurance at International Level”.

Man-made hazards such as space debris, jamming/hacking of signals, cyber terrorism, and their influence on satellites performance, have been discussed at the previous 16 International Space Conferences. These issues and others will continue to be considered and monitored also in this year’s Conference; however, the economic and social impact of ‘Space Weather’ on our modern society, massively dependant on technology and space systems, is attracting more and more attention and concern at various levels for its great and potentially catastrophic effects: this hazard will be the highlight of the 17th International Space Conference.

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