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PRS for Space The 13th International Space Insurance Conference
14th - 15th April 2005, Stresa - Palazzo dei Congressi..

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Attendees' comments

Comments from 2005 attendees

• I thought we had a successful conference in Stresa.
Nicholas Hughes, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert

• Best Conference to date by far.
Brian Spark, Brit Insurance

• Without doubt the conference in Stresa was the best yet! The content was very good, the banter was enthralling and the organisation, as always, spot on!
Chris Gibbs, Brit Insurance

• We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for having organised such a highly professional conference in such a beautiful place.
Laurent Lemaire, Satec

• Thanks again for inviting us to what clearly was the best insurance conference to date
Mike Taverna, Aviation Week

• Bravi, bravi, bravi! Siete stati grandi nell'organizzazione, nella conduzione, nella scelta degli speakers e degli argomenti, ecc.. Insomma un convegno riuscitissimo!
Arturo Furrer, Furrer Consulting

• Let me thank you for having organised this excellent conference!!
Chris De Cooker, ESA

• Can you please pass on my thanks to all concerned for an excellent Conference! Once again, the Conference was well organised and the speakers varied and informative.
Stephen May, Benfield Group

• It was a wonderful conference.
Franceska O. Scroeder, Esq.

• Congratulations on another excellent conference!
Harold Caplan, Consultant

• Let me thank you for having organised this excellent conference !!
Chris De Cooker, ESA

• It is always my pleasure. The organization was impeccable, professional and delightful, as always. Congratulations on such a successful event.
Peter Nesgos - Milbank

• Thank you for the opportunity to address the conference. Congratulations on a well organized and informative conference which I look forward to attending again. 
Chris Harrison, MacDonald

• With all my thanks for a superb conference and its excellent organization.
Ramin Khadem

• Thank you very much for inviting me to speak, and for putting on an excellent conference. I look forward to the next conference. 
John Ordway, Berliner

• We express our appreciation to you and your team for having arranged such a well attended and well organised gathering. Many excellent presentations, coupled with independent face-to-face meetings have surely contributed to a successful conference.
Benjamin Weber - Head Aviation - PartnerRe Zurich

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PRS for Space
PRS for Space
PRS for Space

The 13th International Space Insurance Conference

14th - 15th April 2005, Stresa - Palazzo dei Congressi

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17th Intenational Space Conference - Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome, 8, 9, 10 May 2013
“The Impact of Space Weather and Space Exploitation on Modern Society: Hazards’ Forecasting, Prevention, Mitigation and Insurance at International Level”.

Man-made hazards such as space debris, jamming/hacking of signals, cyber terrorism, and their influence on satellites performance, have been discussed at the previous 16 International Space Conferences. These issues and others will continue to be considered and monitored also in this year’s Conference; however, the economic and social impact of ‘Space Weather’ on our modern society, massively dependant on technology and space systems, is attracting more and more attention and concern at various levels for its great and potentially catastrophic effects: this hazard will be the highlight of the 17th International Space Conference.

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