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PRS for Space The 13th International Space Insurance Conference
14th - 15th April 2005, Stresa - Palazzo dei Congressi..

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Press release

• 13th International Space Insurance Conference: missioni spaziali e universo assicurativo a confronto
Stresa 14-15 Aprile, Antherica supporta con la sua tecnologia la manifestazione organizzata da Pagnanelli Risk Solutions Ltd
Published by Antherica - Ufficio Stampa - 30.05.2005
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• Space Insurance Conference II:
Manufacturers moan about rates, exclusions, and shortness of in-orbit policy periods while brokers want more competitiveness
Published by Airclaims Space Intelligence News - 01.05.2005
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• 13.ma Conferenza internazionale su Spazio e Assicurazione - Intervista
A Benito PAGNANELLI, presidente della PagnanelliRisk Solutions Ltd che ha organizzato la 13^ Conferenza Internazionale su Spazio e Assicurazione, l'ads agenzia di stampa ha chiesto
Published by ads agenzia di stampa - 21.04.2005
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• Attuali e di grande interesse gli interventi svolti alla Conferenza di Stresa
Proiettate immagini esclusive riprese dalla SpaceShipOne battistrada del turismo spaziale
Published by ads agenzia di stampa - 21.04.2005
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• Space at a Premium
Satellite operators, insurers fear impact of unfavourable conditions on future projects
Published by Aviation Week & Space Technology - 21.04.2005
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• Space insurance underwriters defend high rates
STRESA, Italy - Space insurance underwriters defended themselves against charges of price gouging and arbitrary premium-rate setting, saying their business has neither the volume nor the profit levels to justify bringing down rates anytime soon.
Published by Space News - 18.04.2005
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PRS for Space
PRS for Space
PRS for Space

The 13th International Space Insurance Conference

14th - 15th April 2005, Stresa - Palazzo dei Congressi

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17th Intenational Space Conference - Hotel Parco dei Principi, Rome, 8, 9, 10 May 2013
“The Impact of Space Weather and Space Exploitation on Modern Society: Hazards’ Forecasting, Prevention, Mitigation and Insurance at International Level”.

Man-made hazards such as space debris, jamming/hacking of signals, cyber terrorism, and their influence on satellites performance, have been discussed at the previous 16 International Space Conferences. These issues and others will continue to be considered and monitored also in this year’s Conference; however, the economic and social impact of ‘Space Weather’ on our modern society, massively dependant on technology and space systems, is attracting more and more attention and concern at various levels for its great and potentially catastrophic effects: this hazard will be the highlight of the 17th International Space Conference.

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