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The Company

The Company is registered in London - why London? Because PRS strongly believes that it is essential to be in the heart of the most important international insurance centre. A significant part of the marketing activity is undertaken through its representative office in Bologna. PRS provides primarily risk management and consultancy and looks to corporate, large industrial and commercial entities, insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as to private and public institutions necessitating risk management and insurance solutions, including protection against catastrophic events, terrorism and similar risks.

PRS is proud to be considered highly specialised in the space and aviation fields, but also possesses a high level of expertise and skills in many other fields of commercial and industrial activities. Since its initial years of activity, it has achieved important targets with the acquisition of a number of large clients and the assignment of qualified roles in complex insurance projects. Airlines, aviation manufacturers, airports operators, space agencies, space operators, law firms, insurance companies, brokers and European Commission projects have experienced and appreciated the Company's efficiency and qualified services. This success is due also to its management's international experience which spans over more than 45 years.

PRS Ltd also supports professional and academic initiatives. Through the organisation of qualified international Conferences and Seminars, it provides forums for open discussions on how insurance can facilitate human progress and improve the quality of life.

The Company was founded in 2001 by Benito Pagnanelli, who is also its chairman, an internationally recognised expert in risk management and insurance (see his CV).

The Company's motto is 'profession and love for it'.

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